Runway Glamour: Fashion Week Highlights






As the curtain comes down on the world’s fashion capitals for another year, it’s time to look back at the trend-setting and innovative designs that hit the runway during Fashion Week. From the glittering lights of Paris and Milan to the eclectic fashion of Tokyo, Runway Glamour showcases the highlights of this year’s fashion season and the creative minds behind it.
Runway Glamour: Fashion Week Highlights

The annual Fashion Week shows gave us an insight of what is trending in the fashion world over the coming months. From high shine fabrics to bold colours and luxurious items, these are the items that everyone will be looking for in their closets. Here’s a look at some of the top trends of the season.

  • Metallic Fabrics – From pleated skirts to metallic tops, shiny fabrics were showcased on the runways of many top designers. With a huge array of styles, these are perfect for adding a ‘wow’ factor to your look.
  • Statement Outerwear – Swapping your basic black coat for something bold and beautiful is the way to go this season. Whether it’s a faux fur leopard print or a bright red coat, this is the way to turn heads when it’s cold outside.
  • Elegant Jumpsuits – Say goodbye to the shapeless jersey and opt for a well tailored jumpsuit instead. These come in a variety of cuts and silhouettes, and look great with tailoring or evening wear.
  • Prints and Florals – Florals will always remain a staple of fashion, and this season they’ve been given a bold new look. Choose from intricate patterns or bright and bold prints to really make an impact.

It’s clear that fashion week wasn’t lacking in any creativity. From on-trend pieces for daywear to eveningwear that is sure to wow, these are the trends everyone will be talking about this season.

2. The Magic of Glamorous Runway Styles

From Karl Lagerfeld’s romantically edgy collections for Chanel, to Alexander McQueen’s structured yet empowering lines, glamorous runway styles are hard to forget. It’s the combination of exquisite fabrics with bold colors and silhouettes that capture the attention of fashion icons and the everyday person. Whether you take inspiration from the ready-to-wear pieces or the couture ones, there is something magical to be found in each collection:

  • Cut & Fit – The combination of innovative fabrics with the perfect tailoring creates many pieces that have a breathtaking fit.
  • Specified Colours – Each designer evokes a particular mood by selecting a spectrum of colors for each collection. From light and airy palettes to vibrant and eye-catching hues.
  • Details – The little details like intricate handcrafted embroidery on an item of clothing, crystal embellishments, and even decadent shoes, further elevate and intensify the collection’s design.

As fashion does not stand still, we are able to look forward to exciting new creations each season. The world of fashion is constantly evolving, which makes it the perfect source of inspiration. There is something special to be found in every runway show.

3. Making the Most of Glam Outfits on and off the Catwalk

Since their inception, Glam outfits have been a mainstay of the fashion industry, espousing a style that is both daring and contemporary. They have been spotted on everyone from the red carpet to the runways, and for good reason. Here are three ways to make the most of Glam outfits on and off the catwalk:

  • Play with color and texture. Glam outfits can easily get dull if all you do is stick to a color palette. Get creative and mix contrasting colors and textures to give your Glam ensemble dimension and flair.
  • Think beyond denim. Glam outfits don’t have to only consist of jeans. Getting creative with different fabrics and materials such as leather, velvet, and even chiffon can bring some much need variety to your wardrobe for different occasions.
  • Accentuate with accessories. Accessories and jewelry can go a long way in elevating a Glam outfit. Thus, make sure to take the time to choose the right pieces of jewelry and accessories to complete and add that extra bit of ‘oomph’ to your look!

Glam outfits may have their roots in classic fashion, but that doesn’t mean that they have to look outdated. As these tips illustrate, by playing with colors and textures, and accentuating looks with accessories and jewelry, you can make Glam outfits fashionable and current both on and off the catwalk.

4. Showstopping Glamour From the Hot Runways of Fashion Week

Maximizing the Element of Surprise to Draw Attention

As attention seeking designers target one ambitious goal in mind, they must use all the necessary resources available to them in order to create a successful show stopping moment. To achieve this, designers often work at designing elements that surprise the audience. This exploratory effort can lead to a combination of popular athleisure trends as well as vibrant neon hues addressing to the young and energetic crowd. Pattern-inspired clothing items are a great way to stand out on the runway.

Galvanizing the Audience with Red-Carpet Ready gowns

A fashion show simply isn’t complete without the showstopping glamour of red-carpet ready gowns. Models majestically glide down the runway in plunging metallic gowns, beading from head to toe, adding an element of magnificence to the show. These gowns, often decorated with a hint of sparkle, are an art form in itself and evoke a sense of awe amongst the audience.

Beauty Looks that Turn Heads

Women’s beauty looks taken to the next level during fashion week. With hair dyed in all sorts of shades and bold eyeshadows, the models’ faces become works of art. Their makeup perfectly complemented the outfits they walked down the runway in, making a statement of its own. From soft and light to dramatic and bold, beauty looks play a key role in fashion week.

Masterfully Layered Accessories

Completing the perfect runway look, a range of accessories add a touch of sophistication to the outfits. Accessories like crossbody bags, bold cuffs, and necklaces are seen in abundance during fashion week and make for a seamless look when layered masterfully. By adding an extra does of luxury, small details elevate overall energy of the look while at the same time making it unique.

Fashion week is an incredible experience, one that allows us to explore the beauty and sophistication of the fashion industry. From the creative use of fabric and design, to the eye-catching models, fashion week is a visual delight. As it ends, take away the glamor, runways, and designs, and keep the appreciation of craft and creativity alive!

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