Beauty Trends on the Runway: Fashion Week Review






As the fashion world’s excitement and anticipation builds for the upcoming Fashion Week, one thing is certain – the beauty industry has pulled out all the stops for the runway! As we take a look at the trends that lit up the catwalks, let us explore the daring makeup, statement hairstyles, and bold nails that allowed designers to bring their collections to life and stun us with their vision.
Beauty Trends on the Runway: Fashion Week Review

The biggest names in the fashion industry descended upon New York City as all eyes were on them for the biggest beauty trends at Fashion Week. From hairstyles to makeup looks, here’s what to look forward to for your next red carpet event or even your everyday beauty routine.

Ariana Grande rocked half-bun hairstyle to lock in a vintage yet modern feel, whereas Kendall Jenner showed off her locks with a delicate mix of crimped and curled waves. Voluminous hair with elegance and texture was a major hit as seen on the runways of Dolce & Gabbana as well as Ralph & Russo.

  • Half-buns
  • Crimped and curled waves
  • Voluminous looks

Glowing skin and shimmery eye makeup were all the rage on the Fashion Week runways. Model Adut Akech’s golden eyeshadow set the tone for the season while luminous skin has been a staple on the Prabal Gurung runway. Overall, a subtle but glammed-up look was the most coveted on the catwalk.

  • Glowy skin
  • Shimmery eyeshadow
  • Subtle but glam

2. Mirrors and Makeup: Reflecting on Runway Beauty

For years, the fashion world has been obsessed with mirrors. From their glassy surfaces to their reflection of a runway look, mirrors have been endless muse for designers, models, and spectators. But with the rise of makeup, the relationship between mirrors on the runway and beauty has become more complex.

For many, makeup and its reflection in a mirror are a way of expressing their creativity and uniqueness. From bold eyelashes to bold lipstick, any look is open to interpretation. And while runway makeup may be extreme in its color and boldness, these looks may actually be a reflection of everyday makeup. After all, makeup doesn’t always mean wearing a full face or bright colors. It can also be subtle touches to enhance your best features.

The most beautiful makeup looks on the runway are a reflection of the same principles. They are created to highlight and accentuate the models’ features. This gives them a unique look and allows them to stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s a classic look or something more daring, runway makeup is often an art form in itself.

Mirrors and makeup on the runway are constantly evolving. What was once a way of looking at beauty has now become a means for creative expression. Runway looks are a way of highlighting individual beauty and showcasing trends. Ultimately, mirrors and makeup will continue to reflect our views of beauty for years to come.

3. Baring It All: Keeping Up with the Rising Natural Beauty Trend

Natural beauty is the name of the game in the beauty world these days! From skincare to makeup, more and more people are looking for ways to replicate a healthy, natural glow, while avoiding too much of a made-up look.

It’s an exciting time to experiment with natural beauty looks! You don’t need to rush out and spend a fortune on a dozen natural products, either. There are plenty of natural swaps you can make to your current beauty regimen. Here are some of the top natural looks you’ll want to try:

  • Organic Lip Color: Forget about harsh chemicals! Make the switch to organic varieties of lipsticks, lipglosses, and crayons that are enriched with vitamins, essential oils, and even fruits such as acai and pomegranate.
  • Paper Mask: These add-on treatments for the skin are a great way to get an all-natural moisturizer and reducer of inflammation.
  • Mineral Makeup: Replace your foundation and powder with a formula made of natural earth elements. Look for natural ingredients like zinc oxide, mica, and titanium dioxide.

Whatever your natural beauty look may be, it’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different, so it might take a bit of trial and error to find the right products and techniques. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you.

4. Chromatic Vision: An Ode to the Colorful World of Makeup Artistry

No matter the color palette, makeup artistry undeniably has the power to bewitch and bemuse. From bold and bright rainbow-hued transitions to a barely-there wash of pink, makeup can be used to do just about anything. Chromatic vision celebrates the versatility and creativity behind the makeup brush, inspiring different interpretations from all kinds of creatives across the world.

At its core, chromatic vision is an exploration of color. It’s a way to exult in the vibrancy of pigments, hues, and tones that makeup offers, and use it to transform the face in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s a paint-by-numbers look adorned with a swath of hot pink or a smoky eye in icy blues and metallic purples, the only limit is the artist’s imagination.

What’s more, chromatic vision goes beyond just the everyday makeup look. It’s an opportunity to tell stories through color and illusion, to take the canvas of the face and create something entirely unique. Whether it’s a neon pink graphic stripe or a pointillist masterpiece of expert dots, chromatic vision allows artists to express themselves and share their works of art.

By re-interpreting and showcasing the potential of makeup, chromatic vision invites us to explore and to play. Through its prismatic spectrum of possibilities, it’s an incredible reminder of the power of creativity.

When it comes to beauty trends on the runways, Fashion Week proved that creativity is key. From bold eye makeup and exotic hair styles to unexpected nails and textures, there were plenty of head-turning looks. Whether you are looking to express your own personal style or take inspiration from the runway, there is no limit to the looks you can create.

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